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Well, I'm here in Germany safe and sound with just a little bit of a… - Sarah in Deutschland
Well, I'm here in Germany safe and sound with just a little bit of a cough. But
Frau Zirpel made sure that when me and Johanna went out shopping that I was
very warm because she doesn't want me to get sick.

Oh, you should just see this place! So, so, so beautiful. Words cannot describe. It's like I'm in another world altogether. Jo and I put on our warm gear and went out into Lorsch together, to buy meat and bread. How cute. The streets are narrow and the houses are traditional german and old. But it's so cold. Today was quite warm, apparently, I guess it was true, even though it was just 4°C but I don't shiver here, I sweat alot inside.. But I've only shivered a little.

I'm just lucky that this is the warmest place in all of Germany. I'm very homesick here and I wish that my German was better. I always have to push myself to speak German and it isn't easy. My first day at school was good and bad. Good because it was a new experience and it wasn't so long like at home. Bad because I never understood anything really, once or twice I did and that was good. And the English class was great but other than that I find myself hoping that the teacher won't ask me a question in German in front of everyone. That would be embarassing. I made everyone laugh today in English when I told them what the stereotype is of Germany. Once I said 'that you drink a lot of beer' and they all burst into laughter, it was great.

See, it's those little things that make me feel better about being so far away from home. But when I get corrected for saying Johanna's last name wrong (I can't help that I have an Australian accent. It drives me insane how the accent is so important whereas in Australia it doesn't reallz matter if you're accent affects the word, no one's going to correct you!) then this makes me feel terrible and worth the long plane flight home right then and there. Haha.

Well, I'll fill you in some more later. I'm a little tired now.
All my love,
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