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Hello again. Still a little homesick but I'm really getting there,… - Sarah in Deutschland
Hello again.
Still a little homesick but I'm really getting there, I'm having much more fun and the weather is not so cold to me anymore. So, yea. I feel a little confident. But I really miss my friends and everything.

I'm very sorry that I haven't got enough information to share with you but this week has been so busy and it's hard to get on the internet to write something because whenever I do it's very late and I'm so tired. I've still got jet lag and not to mention the fact that the keyboard is very different to Aust. keyboards so it takes me twice as long to type a sentence. Man, does it suck. Haha.

Okay, now. If you guys want to leave a comment on this journal, please do. Just so I know that you guys are reading the journal. Ask me a question. I'd love to answer, you know me. I love to answer questions all the time. Yay! Well, yesterday a girl called Ilke bought two girls from my SAGSE group (Ashley and Camille) over to our house and we baked christmas cookies. They turned out really yummy. I like eating them all the time. Oh, and in Germany there is a tradition of lighting one of four candles every sunday in December before Christmas on a wreath. They hang the wreath from the ceiling and it just looks so beautiful. I'm going to take some photos and hopefully get one on here. Bear with me. It still hasn't snowed here though. We've been really busy, to school and back and baking cookies and going out to town. And tomorrow we are going to a disco thing where we dance the salsa. Hmm, Krisi and Jo showed me the dance and I learned it quickly but I only know the basic steps so we'll see how I go. I played sport today. A game that I just learnt to play at Lowood so that was helpful. Haha. Yea, it was heaps fun. And the girls were all like are you too hot when we were playing because I was wearing my tights, a skivvy and a thick t-shirt. I tell you, they thought the hall was really, really warm. WHAT? They don't know what warm is. Haha. The hall was just a nice refreshing cool. And I didn't even sweat when I played and I played quite well actually. But I can't understand a word the teachers are saying in class. It's crazy. I feel like an alien. I really can't describe the feeling of sitting in a room where you're the only one who just can't understand a single thing no matter how hard you try. They speak so damned fast! Argh!
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From: (Anonymous) Date: December 4th, 2007 12:01 pm (UTC) (Link)

Hi sarah we miss you (its samara)

To bad your feeling homesick and just so you know we all miss you too!

It would be so hard to get the hang of the different ways and traditions(not to mention the keyboards, i'm slow already LOL). What is the SAGSE group? How was the disco thing, i hope you had fun? lightning a candle every sunday sounds so nice. What sport were you playing? oh yer I'll send you a slow motion button so you can find out what your teachers are saying

From: (Anonymous) Date: December 4th, 2007 02:58 pm (UTC) (Link)

Re: Hi sarah we miss you (its samara)

Thanks Sami.

SAGSE stands for Society of Australian and German Student Exchange. It's what I went through for this exchange.
The disco thing was great. I sang karaoke and won an Adventskalender.

And lastly, the sport I was playing was the European Handball game that we learnt to play in HPE this term. Cool, huh?
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