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I’m starting to settle in except I went home early from school… - Sarah in Deutschland

I’m starting to settle in except I went home early from school yesterday with a really bad migraine. It was horrible. I think it’s from sleeping wrong. The pillows are very different.. Yes, when I say ‘pillows’ I mean that. I sleep on about 4 to 5 of them. Haha. But it’s okay; I make a giant pillow and make sure it will support me. It was just that one night when I didn’t bother and looked what happened? Anyway, I took a day off today because I woke up with a really sick stomach. I asked Johanna if I could stay at home.
slept for ages then I had a shower and wandered outside to find that my lunch was out and I could still have brekky. So, I pigged out on chocolate cereal and a Kinder Surprise milk bar, two cups of tea (very strong tea), a sandwich with that holey cheese, a bottle of water and sultana bread. Argh! I have such an appetite here. And mum, I eat bread fifty million times a day. I have bread for lunch, about three pieces and sometimes a mandarin or a chocolate or a milk bar (milk bars are like a chocolate sponge cake or chocolate shell with a milky cream in the middle, very yum). And when I get home I have a big dinner, like last night it was some mild curry chicken and rice. And the other night it was those famous white sausages that Germans eat. You know those? Well, guess what? They taste so good. Seriously, they were really nice. Except they eat it with this special mustard that you can’t have with anything but the white sausages. And it’s yuck. It ruins a perfectly good sausage I tell you, never again.


And then at night it is bread, bread and more bread with homemade jam and all different sorts of cheese and salami and meat spread (which is lovely, I assure you) OMG, and I ate this prawn looking things. I didn’t want to, I hate them so much. They are the worst things ever and I still ate them. But I didn’t taste them, I just swallowed them without chewing them, it was so gross. The fish isn’t as fresh here. Herr Zirpel told me this before we were served fish; I got to make out like our fish is the freshest. It was pretty cool because he looked a little embarrassed that German fish isn’t as nice. It isn’t because it smells stronger & doesn’t have a nice taste but the lemon sauce it was cooked in tasted lovely. So, appreciate fish in Australia.

I’m going to write another email but only mum can read it because it’s personal. I’m just a little concerned that’s all. Nothing too serious. Oh, and I’m looking forward to my tour. On Saturday night we went to a disco at Johanna’s dance school. They all dance proper dances in the disco, none of this jumping up and down and so forth. So, I couldn’t dance much. A friend of Johanna’s, who had a very motherly disposition yet was so tall and graceful, taught me a little of a dance and then pulled this guy over to dance with me outside the disco room. Argh! This guy was so good looking too, absolutely perfect. Haha. Really. I reckon he had some Italian or Greek background. Anyway, I danced a little with him. And then I was pulled away to learn something else. And then I was sitting in the disco room and I saw him and he smiled at me. Yay! Sigh, I’m sad. Haha. Overall, at Johanna’s dance lessons prior to that I got winked at by this guy that both Krisi and Jo hate. He’s really up himself, thinks he can dance, but he wouldn’t know a rhythm if it hit him in the face and he asked me to dance. But I turned him down and I told him about me being from Australia and blah, blah, blah. Obviously, that was appealing because later, like I said, he winked at me. What the hell? Haha. Scary. Really.

On Sunday it was the first Advent. This is where an Advent wreath is decorated and four candles are put on the wreath. Frau Zirpel made hers and hung it from the ceiling. It seriously is the most beautiful one I have seen since being here. Mum, you would love it. I’ve taken some photographs but I really can’t capture its beauty, you just have to be here to see it. Anyway, on each Sunday of December before Christmas, you light one candle. I got to light the first candle on Sunday morning. It was great. We even have an Advent wreath in our classroom that Judith (pronounced Yudit) made and brought it in. Christmas is really exciting here. Oh, and before I forget. On the Saturday at the disco, me and Johanna sung karaoke. Haha. It was really embarrassing. We sung Pretty Woman, because it was the only song Johanna knew. And I sounded really bad at the start. But it was just that I couldn’t hear myself but I could hear Johanna and she was really off key and it threw me off but I got on track. And I won another Adventskalender. Yay! I only sung just to get one. This means I have two in my bedroom and one in the hall that Henner, Beat, Johanna and I take turns taking a present on our designated days. An Adventskalender, if you don’t realise, is the calendar that you open up the doors on each day and you get a chocolate in each door until the 24th of December. Frau Zirpel all buys us one and we get it on the 1st December. Chocolate!!


On Sunday also, we went to Frankfurt and walked through the Christmas market. Wow! It’s so busy in the markets and there’s so much German food and souvenirs. Frankfurt is a mixture of new and strange architectural, glass skyscrapers which are all for European banks as Frankfurt is the centre for all European finance it is one of the wealthiest European cities in the world and has been for a very long time except during WWII when most of it was bombed because a lot of the Jews and wealth was here, naturally. Surrounding the bottoms of these monstrous skyscrapers are the newly built estates only just completed in the 20th to 21st century, these are quite normal, sometimes ugly houses. Not much to look at. But after these estates come the typical 18th to 19th century houses that are great to look at and take photographs of. Then, we get to the centre part of Frankfurt where you have massive shopping streets with all the designer shops and strange statues everywhere. On the other side of Frankfurt (over the bridge that was built years ago when the city got too crowded for the wealthy) are plenty of villas that dot the shore of the lake. These were lived in by the wealthy Jews and Christians alike. Nowadays the villas are museums for pretty much anything you’ve ever heard of. To name just a few as the street of villas can go for kilometres: furniture, cultural, food, art, architectural, countries, and film and theatre museums. Pretty cool, hey?

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